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Angel and Jake enjoying playtime Data Leader of the pack
Relaxing at home after a days work Slick enjoying a rare Seattle sunny day
'Jake on break' Making corporate decisions
Over the years our staff has found many abandoned dogs in our neighborhood. Those animals we couldn't find suitable homes for we adopted. They now come to work and share a 30 acre farm with us.

   Mark Stevens, President of Stevens Salon Products has been involved with animal welfare projects for nearly 30 years.

Back in the 70's Mark was appointed by the mayor of his hometown to be on the board that oversaw the operation of the local animal shelter. It was there that Mr. Stevens witnessed the disturbing euthanization of animals.

Because of this Mr. Stevens has made a lifetime commitment to reducing the number of unwanted dogs and cats across the country.

Until there are more homes than there are dogs and cats, there is a necessity for animal shelters. We are very proud to be working in conjunction with Petsmart to raise money and awareness of animal shelters and the overpopulation of dogs and cats.

With the purchase of a "My Best Friend" T-shirt Stevens Salon products will donate $25 to the Petsmart animal shelter foundation.

To have your favorite photo turned into a "My Best Friend" T-shirt, submit the photo via JPEG format, along with contact information to


My Best Friend T-Shirt --- $29.95

At this time we are not accepting donations for the t-shirts. To keep updated on this project contact us.

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